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About Us

The team and the creative brains behind “The Modern Healthy Man” will help you sort through the most confusing things in the universe to find what indeed is smart, lasting, real, and workable. The ultimate thing we have here is what will be right for you and for that precious life you are working hard putting together.

What we’ll cover here is pure health and well-being stuff that we know will matter. It is an added value when we stumble upon something important, cool, or what we can be considered as life-altering. We will definitely share it with you here. Our goal, and what we will always work on here, is to guide you in taking healthy actions, or healthy-ish steps, that will help you form the best life you want to have.

We may talk about breathing, breakfast, brain health, sex. Sometimes also, we will give you practical advice on how not to get the flu. Or how to make you feel better after working like a dog all day.

Trust that all content we’ll have here will be evidence-based, expert-approved, and science-backed write-ups.