In this video, we’re going to be talking about cardio versus intensity interval training.

Which is the best way to burn fat?

Cardio and high intensity interval training both do the same thing, they both burn fat. However, when it comes to the best way to burn fat, it has to be high intensity interval training.

Compared to cardio, high intensity interval training burns more calories as well as in a shorter amount of time compared to the basic cardio exercises. For example, ten minutes of HIT training is way more effective and burns more calories than 30 minutes of running on the treadmill. Not only are you burning more calories, but HIT training has an after burn affect which can last up to 24 hours that helps you continue to burn calories even after you finish working out.

Forcing maximum effort like when you do high intensity interval training is going to get you more conditioned to intense training which is will help you get through your workouts consistently, as well as have you progress a lot more over time.

We believe cardio to be a low impact exercise and you’re doing very minimal effort for a longer period of time. Although you are burning fat with cardio, there are more efficient ways in which you could do it. Overall, HIT produces the same benefits and more in a shorter period of time.

Chris Heria has picked his favorite HIT exercises and created a workout that will help you burn fat.

The workout will be each exercise for 45 seconds, and 15 seconds rest for a total of seven exercises.

The first exercise will be High Knee Raises for 45 seconds. 

When doing High Knee Raises, make sure to bring your knees up, tighten your core, and regulate your breathing.

Even though it’s high intensity training, it’s important to maintain perfect form when doing these exercises.

The second exercise is going to be Burpees for 45 seconds. 

When doing Burpees, you want to make sure you’re as explosive as possible. If you can’t bring your knees all the way up, just go halfway.

The third exercise is going to be Switching Mountain Climbers for 45 seconds. 

If you need to stop and catch your breath, feel free to do so but make sure you jump back in.

Remember, don’t just move through these exercises. Make sure to squeeze all those muscles in your body, squeeze your core every time you bring one knee up. Make every single rep count.

The fourth exercise is Hanging Knee Raises for 45 seconds. 

For this exercise, remember to squeeze your feet together, don’t swing and lift with the core.

The fifth exercise is going to be In and Outs for 45 seconds. 

The priority is going high intensity for intervals of time, really pushing it and then slowing the heart rate down and bring it right back.

The sixth exercise is going to L-Sit Kicks for 45 seconds. 

If you’re starting to feel tired with the L-Sit Kicks, you can hold the position with your legs tucked in or extended, whatever you prefer.

The seventh exercise is going to be Plank Knees to Elbow for 45 seconds. 

For this exercise, knee to the elbow and back down, squeeze your glutes and core the entire time.

Do these exercises for a total of three rounds.