The 22 Best Apps to Help You Get Fit

The 22 Best Apps to Help You Get Fit

Who needs a personal trainer when you have a smartphone?

Sweats, sneakers, smartphone—three absolute essentials for the modern gym-goer.

If you’re hitting the gym floor to exercise without your handset, you’re in a tiny minority. Most people depend on their phones to play music, double check their form, log their workout, or at the very least to serve as a distraction between sets. That your phone would become a major part of your routine should hardly come as a surprise.

You can make your smartphone part of your workout by tracking your running route, recording your lifting form, or even just timing your HIIT circuits. You’ll get the best use out of your device, though, by using any of the millions of apps created specifically to kick your fitness into high gear.

These smartphone apps all serve a distinct purpose. Some act as a digital trainer, guiding you through new, tough workouts. Others help you to track your activity and diet, giving you new insight to your nutrition. Some just help you chill out. All of the apps are free to download (although many require in-app purchases and subscriptions to unlock all their features), so it’s worth your time to at least give them a shot.

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