When Can We Expect Gyms To Reopen Under The New Coronavirus Restrictions?

When Can We Expect Gyms To Reopen Under The New Coronavirus Restrictions?

When it comes to updates regarding coronavirus or COVID-19, things are constantly changing.

While travel bans are still in place and schools, workplaces and supermarket aisles continue to be impacted, we’re slowly seeing restrictions being lifted state-by-state. Still, after weeks in isolation, we’re practically chomping at the bit to get back to our local gym and exercise regimes. It begs the question… how far off this are we?

First, a quick reminder on the importance of social distancing, despite the rules being relaxed: although testing positive might mean mild cold symptoms for you, for your elderly grandparents (or those in the community with serious health conditions,) it could be much, much worse. That’s why it’s recommended we keep a reasonable distance from others in public places, avoid handshakes and be on the ball when it comes to hand hygiene. (Check out the health.gov.au website for the most up-to-date guidelines on this.)

So, what’s the deal with working out? 

In NSW, Premier Gladys Berejiklian has announced that from Friday, May 15 outdoor gatherings of up to 10 people are allowed. However, these gatherings will only be permitted in public places such as parks (read: not private residences). This means that outdoor boot camps will be open for business with a limit of 10 people in the class.

Outdoor playgrounds and outdoor gym equipment will also be back in action as of today (although it’s worth noting that not all councils have confirmed whether they will be reopening these just yet.) In addition, outdoor pools can be used by 10 people at one time, with only one person per lane. Changing areas, on the other hand, remain closed.

In some areas (see: Randwick) exercise facilities such as playgrounds, outdoor gyms, basketball courts, skate parks and ocean pools will be opening their gates. Beaches are fair game for recreational activities too, although only for groups of 10 or less. It’s best to check your the website of your local council to sus out what the go is in your neighbourhood.

How about gyms? 

Unfortunately, gyms remain closed across the board as they are high-risk when it comes to body fluid and germ levels (via sweat, spit etc.) That said, there is every reason to keep up your workout schedule right now if it’s an important part to your wellbeing. Take advantage of all the places that are open again, go for a run or get moving with a home workout program.

When will gyms be open again? 

Last week, Scott Morrison announced a three-step plan in an effort to return Australia to business as usual. This “early mark” from lockdown is thanks to the low number of coronavirus infections and deaths. Worth noting: each state has the freedom to decide when it will complete each step, and restrictions may be brought back if the number of positive cases increases. These changes will be implemented between now and July and will see gatherings of up to 100 people permitted, workplaces open and regional and interstate travel permitted. There’s been no word so far on when exactly gyms will be included, although it’s safe to say it’s on the cards.